The Kaution Tristan Pack

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Engineered in 2019 to be an ideal waterproof backpack for high-performing athletes, urban life, and rugged rural experiences. IP56 Waterproof engineering keep water, dust, and mud out.  KAUTION is again beating the competition in quality, innovation, and value. 



MSRP: $189.00

  • Industrial strength webbing (1,200lbs breaking strength)
  • UTX - Elite grade buckles and hardware 
  • Reinforced Base preventing wear
  • 15” padded removable laptop pouch
  • Fully adjustable chest strap + emergency whistle
  • Hidden quick access anti-theft pocket
  • Rear Cross strap for cinching and containment
  • Ambidextrous water bottle holders (Hydroflask size) 
  • 840 double laminated TPU (extreme quality)
  • Radio frequency welded seams (3x stronger and waterproof)
  • IP56 Waterproof & Dust-proof zippers
  • Separated 8L soiled pouch for dirty gear/ shoes with ventilation (not waterproof)
  • Lifetime no hassle, repair, fix or replace warranty*

 *repair fix or replace warranty covers 100% of our workmanship. 

The Tristan Pack is a perfect bland of durability, security, design, luxury, and waterproofing. This fabric is custom matte black elite quality 840D TPU that many adventurers are overpaying for (you know the brand). Our seams are Radio welded making them the strongest part on the bag. Quick access to your gear with reflective white padded laptop case allowing you to see inside.


The 8L rear pouch is side ventilated to keep rain out, but let air in! This allows muddy shoes or sweat soaked clothing a separate chamber to dry.


The chest strap is 360degree adjustable and includes a VERY loud emergency whistle. In the center of the back is a triangle that hides a hidden pocket accessible from either side.  The main compartment zippers are VERY HIGH quality and engineered to be theft-resistant requiring just enough force so you always feel whenever they are opening or closing. All this design went in to create an ULTRA safe backpack for risky travel or crowded environments.


The ergonomically designed back-pad will protect your technology and provide comfort for 8+ hours of wear time.  The zippers have also been weather sealed and keep rain, snow and dust out. The backpack straps have extra padding for extreme comfort. 


The Tristan pack include a removable white laptop bag able to hold any normal laptop. This is one of the only urban backpacks that can be hosed out and will not absorb dirt, sweat, or mud into the material.


We have dedicated this design and 11% of profits to the memory of Tristan Kern. The Family has requested funds all funds be forwarded to Olympic Mountain Rescue and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers


Before his accidental death on Mt. Storm King, Tristan was studying Apparel Fashion Design & Merchandising, preparing for a career in outdoor gear design. Tristan was a passionate adventurer having hiked, hunted, fished, cycled, camped, climbed & skied the PNW. He did this with his father, grandfathers, & many other dear family and friends. Tristan was the namesake of famed 20th century adventurer Tristan Jones. 

Tristan, we hope you see from above all the amazing places this pack travels on the backs of our friends. We hope you get to go with them somehow. May we all be reminded from your life that life should be fully lived. Also, let us be encouraged by the fact that you live on in a different place, behind a door we all hope to enter someday. 

Please join us in supporting the causes and family of this wonderful son, friend, and adventurer.  We are launching this bag on 11/11 two years + one day after his passing from this world. 





 Environmentally, our goal is to create unmatched quality products with a 10-20 year service life to reduce waste. The average backpack is replaced in 3-5 years. This higher quality is much more expensive upfront for us. We believe everything brought into this world should be made to a maximum life span. We back this up with our warranty to repair or replace whenever needed. We believe this approach is the best real-world strategy to reduce waste and offer a long term solution to steward a cleaner earth. Imagine the reduction of waste if every product had 2x 3x or even 5x service life. That is what we have done. Lastly, our lifetime repair+replace warranty offers us the ability to recycle components that have reached their service life and re-use the components that have not. We spend countless hours outside and working tirelessly to keep our world healthy.