Kaution 70L Lazarus Dry bag Duffle & BackPack

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The Lazarus Pack is a 70 liter dry duffle & backpack for harsh conditions. We argue this is the highest quality bag of its kind. It keeps your gear dry and protected so you can relax. The Lazarus is VERY HEAVY DUTY, traveler approved, and carry-on compliant. This is the BEST bag to take into chaos & adventure. This bag is designed to last. Our costumers are regularly impressed with our bag quality. 



  • 70L capacity
  • 5.5lbs (very heavy duty)
  • 0.9m PVC coated polyester (2x thicker)
  • Industrial grade 1.5" webbing 
  • Utility grade UTX buckles and hardware
  • HD quick-attach backpack straps
  • Anti-theft engineering
  • Waterproof roll top enclosure (do not submerge)
  • Reflective and highly visible
  • 2 reflective lateral straps for external storage
  • HD adjustable chest strap
  • Capable of floating if sealed correctly


We made this for:

  • Flood and earthquake victims
  • Construction workers 
  • Preppers
  • Refugees
  • Aid workers & First Responders
  • High risk adventurers 
  • Travelers entering rugged environments

This bag and straps are mold-proof and will not absorb mud, sweat, or bacteria.

95% nationally carry-on compliant.

Don't get caught off guard! Go through the chaos of traveling or a mandatory evacuation prepared. Worry about your family not your stuff. If you have any problem with a product, email immediately so we can serve YOU immediately. We strive to REALLY SERVE YOU WELL. You are buying 5 star quality service.