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  • Sara Presley 

  • Sara Presley World Race

Kaution is a company all about taking risks. We want to introduce you to an amazing young woman taking a giant risk. Sarah is the valedictorian of a major high school in the Portland area. Multiple Universities are extending enticing offers to her. Instead she is opting to serve in poverty stricken countries, putting immediate needs of others before her own potential career, Sara beams an example of fierce goodness not often reported. Sara is someone we want to support! Due to the fact that she is unable to pay the $16,000 herself, we’re encouraging anyone interested to buy a bag, with 70% of proceeds going directly to Sara. Or, simply donate or follow this fantastic adventurer. You will be helping impact the world, encourage Sara, and embolden a new generation to dream bigger. 

"I heard about the World Race from a friend’s instagram (thanks Lauren). The stories of the people and places she served spoke to something deep within me. I read testimonies and experiences of other 'racers'. I was moved, but I had my plans. Applying to colleges, I settled on studying nursing. There was one problem, the idea of taking a gap year immersed in new cultures serving others kept tugging my soul. These tugs came with crazy amounts of doubt. I doubted handling nine months on my own. I doubted my ability to connect with others serving with me. I doubted raising enough money. Riddled with days of excitement and anticipation contrasted by days of feeling insufficient I am taking the risk! "

-Sara Presley

DONATE: https://sarapresley.theworldrace.org/