Disaster Prep

The CDC, FEMA, and Kaution recommends you start these 3 steps TODAY to prepare for disaster. 

  1. Make a Kit
  2. Have a Plan
  3. Be Informed 

 Start today with Step 1, Make a kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE - There is no single kit that will serve everyone fully! We all have different needs, diverse risk factors, and various strengths. A kit for a family in Phoenix is very different than Seattle. Your location, needs, and strengths determine your kit contents. 

Hurricane Harvey 2017


KAUTION believes there are minimum principles that apply to every kit!

  1. Air: We recommend 10, 3M N95 dust masks
  2. Water: Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter ( + extra filter)
  3. Food: 48-72 hours recommended (*Due to dietary restrictions and expiration we leave this in your hands). Most food is packaged, waterproof, and could be stored in a standard backpack.
  4. Medical: any and all medications + adventure medical (industry standard):  "The Grizzly" treats 14 people for 2 weeks!
  5. Shelter: Seek it or make it: tarp, knife, duct tape, paracord
  6. Heat: wool and mylar blankets, rain gear, hatchet, fire starters
  7. Extras: radio, solar charger, batteries, cash, compass, flares

CDC All Hazards Preparedness Guide (PDF)