About Us

Hello! We’re Greg and Kirsten, co-founders of Kaution. We were married in 2009, and are art majors who graduated from George Fox University. In 2013 we designed and built our own home on a parcel of land in Oregon. What we lacked in construction experience, we made up in faith, hard work, and hours of YouTube!

During the early days of construction, the idea of Kaution was born. We were so inspired by industrial work wear, a need for better waterproof gear, and “caution symbology”. We began researching, learning, trying, failing, trying again, and are here today with this amazing company. We wanted to provide industrial work wear, saw a need for better waterproof gear, and had a desire create a company that inspires others to also take risks like we did. Being lovers of nature, ocean, travel, and adventure, we made it our mission to make the best gear for life centered around these things.

Our dream from the start has also been that Kaution would be a vessel that God would use to share His love with His kids. Shortly after founding our company, we realized a deep need for our bag during times of extreme natural disasters, and how fitting our bag was for helping people survive in chaos. We designed the Lazarus Pack (inspired by John 11:11 which says, “ Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I have come to awaken him”) to be a symbol of God’s faithfulness and desire for connection with us…of hope in dark times, of rebirth and life.

We invite you to become a part of this dream. We promise to serve you well!


May you have peace in the chaos,

Greg and Kirsten




Email: operations@kautiongear.com

Instagram: @kaution_gear