Before the Beginning

 Growing up in the PNW in the late 90's I alway wanted to be in SoCal. For some crazy reason...

I didn't realize:

  • Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia
  • Wakeboarding on the Willamette
  • Hiking the Gorge
  • Snowboarding Hood and Bachelor
  • Surfing the Pacific
  • Enjoying the best summers in the US.

We're such rare and amazing experiences! As a teenager and young adult I took it all for granted. I loved it, but I didn't realize the ability to snowboard, surf, and wakeboard in the same day was so rare! I have done it (as a novelty mostly) So having all these things within 2 hours has really grown on me. Sadly things are less "secret" than they were 15 years ago but still weekdays can give you world class conditions with virtually no one around!


I also didn't realize that life-giving "hobbies" coupled with my natural desire to create could become a way to live life!


At KAUTION, We make stuff that we want and treat costumers how we want to be treated. Pretty simple "golden rule" type stuff. Success is simple...not easy, but simple.

Do you know what? works. Kaution is not a fly by night grow-then-sell brand, it IS us. We are here for the long haul making quality travel, adventure, and rescue gear that you can rely on. We want to be a company you can put trust in. I've heard it said it takes 10 years for a brand to reach a level of success we are on year 3! Weirdly it is surreal to see growth, see people in Sri Lanka and Nepal with something you've made!  I cannot tell you how much joy that gives us! 


Our GOAL is for YOU to experience adventure, save lives, and have peace in what can be a chaotic life. Life can be 


Hope you had a great Holiday or Christmas Season and welcome to the longer days ahead!


Hope to see you out there!